In Hindered Pursuit of Two-Wheeled Glory

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It is all really happening... I just purchased the rest of my protective gear from RevZilla...

Holy shit it, is actually all happening. Now I have to take the MSF course. Now I have to get a motorcycle. If I don’t... what the hell did I just do?!

So, since I already had my helmet, I needed a jacket, gloves, pants, and shoes. So I got all of those things.


I’ll update with pictures once they arrive (holy shit I bought things...)

But I got:

Jacket: Alpinestars T-Scream Air Jacket (along with an Alpinestars back protector)

Pants: Speed and Strength Rage with the Machine Jeans


Shoes: TCX X-Rap WP Shoes (grey with bitchin green laces)


Gloves: Scorpion Guardian Gloves (in white, because I don’t even know why).



(all images retrieved from

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