In Hindered Pursuit of Two-Wheeled Glory

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Well... the itch is out of control now.

...and you know what Gambino says, “Because on the internet, mistakes are forever”. But this is no mistake. This was perfect timing.

Yesterday, I got my first COTD, and it happened when I wasn’t expecting it.

I have been a Jalop for 8 years, and have commented nearly every day when I read. I have always felt more of a lurker, and some of my comments get feedback, the majority do not.


But then I got COTD yesterday, and it involved motorcycles: a passion of mine for damn near two decades that I have done nothing about.

I used to watch Supercross every weekend I could. I would always drool over Honda CBR’s as they whizzed by the car, and I still do that whenever I see one going down the road. Whenever there has been a motorcycle option in a video game, I ALWAYS choose it. I’ve been playing a LOT of GTA V lately, and I’ve been terrorizing everyone on by Bati 801RR, and it’s been so much fun.

So, again, I have always loved motorcycles, but at a distance, and never really thought about getting one. And then I saw this:


Tron: Legacy.

I didn’t know what Cafe Racers were until I saw the Ducati Sport 1000 in Tron: Legacy. I fell INSTANTLY in love with it.


Everything about it appealed to me. The mirrors, it’s aggressiveness without being supersporty, the lines, the sound. Everything.


That was the official bite. Since seeing that movie, I have ingested as much motorcycle knowledge as I possibly can. I have watched countless RevZilla reviews on helmets and gear. I found BikeExif, which fueled my love for Cafe’s and custom bikes. I started reading RideApart back when Wes was still there, and before he became Mr. Mountain Man. I watch Moto Vloggers every day on YouTube, and have spent many, many hours watching reviews of bikes I am interested in.

But what have I not done? I have not gone to sit on a bike. I have not gone to see what helmets fit my weirdo head and face. I have not even thought about setting aside money to put down on anything. I have done zero action for my acclaimed passion for motorcycles.


Well... as I stated in the beginning. This is the internet, and on the internet, mistakes are forever. I made the mistake of writing about my love for motorcycles, and the other mistake of thinking that my comments would once again be lain by the wayside.

Then I got the update on twitter from Jalopnik about the COTD: The Motorcycle Itch Edition, and my immediate thought was “No way...” followed quickly by, “well... shit...”. I guess I have to do something about it now.


So this weekend, I have decided I am going to start actually applying my passion, by getting up off of my butt from my computer, just reading/watching/thinking about motorcycles, and doing something related to it. I am going to go down to a brick and mortar store (thanks again for the suggestions, Sean!), and try on helmets. Who knows... maybe I’ll walk away with a helmet.

I work very literally down the street from Triumph of Brea here in Orange County, and have passed by it every single day on my way to work for the last 6 years, so that is where I am going to start.


Thank you to everyone who commented and shared stories with me, and encouraged me to just do it.

As Patrick said, “you never know until you try”, so I am finally going to try.

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