In Hindered Pursuit of Two-Wheeled Glory

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Well, I finally did it, Jid’s got a new lid.

I’ve been reading Lanesplitter from the beginning, and it is the first website I visit when I get to work in the morning. I watch motovloggers such Baron von Grumble and Walterrific on a near daily basis, and have been for a couple of years. I fell in love with motorcycles with a renewed fervor when TRON: Legacy came out in 2009, when they had that stunning Ducati Sport-Classic in it, which got me interested in Cafe’s.Ever since then... I can’t stop reading and watching anything and everything I can in regards to bikes. That’s right... 7 damn years of doing nothing about it, but sitting by the wayside dreaming about it. That was super tiring, and I was tired of being tired, SO I BOUGHT A HELMET.

It took me long enough to do what I said I was going to do... 113 DAYS AGO. But I finally did it. I took step one, and I went and bought myself a motorcycle helmet from my local brick and mortar shop, and just as I suspected, the bite is swelling.

Story Time

Apparently, I have a large head! Who knew? (actually, I totally knew but it was good to finally confirm it with a professional) I went into SoCal Motorcycles, which I pass every single day on my way to work, and have passed every day on my way to work for the past 7 years. I was pretty nervous/excited walking it. But man... were they welcoming! Super friendly, super helpful, and just all around great people (this is a non-paid endorsement). I walked in, and explained to them that I am a new rider, and I just need to start by getting myself a helmet. So they called in their helmet specialist, Caesar, who was super awesome. I told him that I had never tried on a helmet before, so I was really there to figure out where to start. He asked which type of bike I was looking to get, to which I said “man is that a complicated and loaded question”(because I want all the bikes). I know that he was asking because of certain aesthetic looks, but I said I wanted a full face no matter what, and I was more about protecting my head than looking cool.


I told him that I was fairly sure that I am a roundish to medium oval shaped head (my face is definitely longer than it is wide, but not by much), and so he said “Okay, lets put a SHOEI on your head and we’ll go from there”. We started off with a large, and guess what: it fit perfectly! As RevZilla points out in their awesome Motorcycle Helmet Fitment 101, you shouldn’t be able to chew gum with a helmet on, so that was a test that I naturally decided to conduct. I was chewing gum, and couldn’t chew it with the SHOEI on, but it was comfortable, fit right, and put good pressure in all the right places without it putting too much pressure in any one place.

Naturally, Caesar wanted a sell on the SHOEI, but I honestly did not want to drop nearly $500 on my first helmet (as pretty as the RF-1200's are). So I told Caesar, “What if I want a step down from SHOEI, with the same fitment, without spending SHOEI money?”, and he totally understood. He immediately said, “HJC”, and presented me with this:

Image retrieved from RevZilla

This is the HJC FG-17. It has a fiberglass shell, semi-aggressive spoiler out the back, and comes with the pinlock locks already in place. It has two scoop intake vents on the top, and an easy open/close chin vent. It weighs just shy of 3.5lbs, and is DOT and Snell M2010 rated.

Oh, and, IT’S CHEAP (in price, not quality).

So I bit. I told him I wanted one, but I didn’t want a matte finish, or just a solid gloss for now, so he walked me over to the other side of their facilities, and gave me a catalog to look through.


I finally decided on a design, and he looked it up, AND THEY HAD ONE LEFT IN STOCK! HOORAY! And even better, IT WAS DISCOUNTED!!

Hi pretty thang.
Love the spoiler and the graphics.

I love it. It fits so well on my cranium, the graphics are subtle, but visible, it is slightly aggressive with the spoiler (because aesthetics are important, after all), and I got a great deal on it. When all was said and done, and after getting a smoked visor to go with it, I spent less than $200. WIN.


So what is next for me?

Well, I am just waiting on my tax return to show up in my account, and the second that happens, I am going to book myself for my MSF BasicRiders course. Once I have that booked, I’m going to go buy myself a cheap-ish jacket and boots, and probably a pair of gloves so I’m all prepared and such for my riders course.


This has been a long, long time coming. I couldn’t stop day dreaming of being on a motorcycle last night, as well as taking the course, and just feeling that freedom. I couldn’t even sleep, AND I HAVE ONLY BOUGHT THE HELMET.

But I knew that once I got a lid, everything else would follow. I can’t stop it. I can feel the urge to ride bubbling up in my throat and nearly choking me. I need to go do it, and I’ve started that process.


More to come when I get more gear and when I book my course!

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