In Hindered Pursuit of Two-Wheeled Glory

This is where I write about my struggles and triumphs of being a motorcyclist

So, Back in February...

I bought my first motorcycle helmet. This immediately led to me purchasing boots, riding jeans, a jacket, and gloves within two weeks.

It is now December 9th, and as of December 7th, I am officially licensed to operate a motorcycle on the streets of these great United States. Yeah... that took a while.

You could say that I am definitely a procrastinator. I always have been, and as it always is with procrastination, it has a been a detriment to me.


This time, though, it is a detriment in an entirely different way. This time, it has been a detriment to me actually obtaining my dream when I knew I could achieve it. I have never been much of a dreamer, nor a goal setter. I have always been more of a follower rather than a trail setter. I have had this passion for motorcycles for far too long without actually getting to ride one on the streets and highways. and I sincerely dislike this about myself.

I honestly thought that getting a helmet and getting all of the other gear, and finally signing up with the Orange County Motorcycle Training course (and passing with near flying colors, by the way) back in June was going to have me on the seat, straddling an engine and gripping the throttle by the end of July. But it did not happen. I thought that I could do it whether I was financially ready or not (despite being an accounting major). And the answer was... apparently, not. Not yet. It took me 10 months to go from buying a helmet to actually obtaining my license. But here I am, licensed, and ready to wave at Bradley Adams on the 57 freeway on the mornings he actually heads to the office.

I have many passions in life that I have always (in complete, total, brutal honesty) been too scared to pursue because I don’t know how to pursue them. But... is that not what pursuit of passion is all about: taking the risks and striving for goal without fully knowing what lies in front of you? Having somewhat reckless disregard for the safety net of “knowing” the answer to how, and just... doing it? I have been writing on multiple sites (here, lanesplitter [prior to SMacD being let go], on CW, or in person) for FOREVER about motorcycles, but I have never had the jump... the impulse to just go and do it.

So here I am, complaining on the internet about my excuses instead. But there is a good reason for me writing here: I am following by example (of nearly everyone on the internet yuhk-yuhk-yuhk) of two people who I have seen that have made a career starting here. Maybe I am not cut out for the accounting life for forever. I really love writing, and I love motorcycles. Maybe, if I just keep my nose to the grind stone here, it will start something. But I have to be more impulsive too. I have to actually go and get that motorcycle. I have to find my place here in writing for it too. I do not know what that looks like, but I know I can write, and I know that if I actually put my mind to something - if I actually became ambitious enough - something will happen and I will end up where I want to end up, or end up doing something I do not expect, and have it be even better.


So here is to writing a couple hundred words a week and pursuing things more fervently and passionately. Here is to writing and cataloging my entire motorcycle experience, and finding my niche in that world, somehow. No, this won’t be a fast way to success, and it might end up not being any sort of rode to success... but it is a start, and you always have to start somewhere.

Who knows... maybe I am the next Kafka, but in the motorcycle industry.... whatever the hell that looks like (Klosterman’s Razor).

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