In Hindered Pursuit of Two-Wheeled Glory

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OCMT, here I come!

I finally did it. I finally signed up to take an MTC (Motorcyclist Training Course). It has only taken me... oh... I don’t know how many years, but I am finally doing it.

I take it two weeks from today with OCMT in Fullerton, CA, and I am both nervous and excited. I’m actually taking the steps to peruse something I have loved for a very long time.

I recently purchased another pair of gloves, this time short cuffed. I decided on the Scorpion SGS Mk. II’s. I received them, and sadly the stitching was really terrible on one finger, exposing some of the dense foam padding, so I had to send them back. I’m waiting for RevZilla to receive them so I can get my money back, and hopefully buy another pair. I’m going to try them again, because I love the protection they provide, and they also look great. So I will have another pair by the time my course rolls around.


The reason I bought new gloves, is because the first pair I got are gauntlets, and they just don’t fit with the jacket the I plan on using every day to ride at the moment. I’ll definitely have a use for them in the future, just not now, and that’s totally okay.

Ugh. Crazy I’m finally doing it.

Sean, hopefully I’ll see you riding around OC and I’ll be able to meet you one of these days.

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